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Circaholics Anonymous is a fire based circus group situated in the greater Sydney region. Where other groups use fire as part of their performance, fire IS our performance. Our members are experienced in almost all areas of performing, with skills including but not limited to acting, dance, mime, slapstick comedy, martial arts and much more. All of these qualities and a wide array of specialised equipment ensure a fantastic performance you and your friends will have burned into your memories forever.

Who we are

As seen in The Catapult Festival 2009 & 2012, They Sydney Fringe Festival 2010-2013, Wintermagic 2011 & 2013, Lunddenham Festival 2012 & 2013, Loy Krathing Festival 2012 and many other performances along the way.

Also seen on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ Feb 2011, live on ‘7PM Project’ Sept 2011, live on ‘The Kerry Anne Kennelly Show’ Sept 2011 and JJJ’s ‘Un-necessary Life Skills’ with Alex Dyson and Sam Simmons, Yolanda Be Cool ‘A Baru In New York’ video clip, Dyan Tai ‘C.O.O.L’ video clip, Russian-Doll Productions ‘True Face’ feature film, and other productions.

Nominated for ‘The Sydney Bartenders On-The-House Award for Best Free Event’ in The Sydney Fringe Festival 2010, Grand Finalist in ‘So You Think You Can Busk’ in The Sydney Fringe Festival 2011, participant in ‘Sydney On Fire’ Fire Twirling World Record 2012.


All members of Circaholics Anonymous have been extensively risk assessed and approved. The event will be as much fun and enjoyable as possible, but always safe for all. All necessary safety precautions are taken for each and every performance regardless of location, size or event.


Images NOT edited. Colours and fire trails shown are as they appear from performances.

Photography by Brooke Degiorgio, Megan Allison, Nicole Commander, Jason Lee and Calvin Grant.




 The Camera Crew

Circaholics Anonymous uses several photographers and designers to capture and display their fire journey where ever the road takes them. For more of their individual work however, please check out the below links:

Kirra Zhigunov –

Brooke Degiorgio – or

Megan Allison –

Nicole Commander –

Jason Lee –

If you fancy yourself a designer or photographer, are interested in capturing fire for the Circaholics, and can stand the heat, please shoot Calvin an email with your details and a reference of your work for review. Who knows, your name could be the next one added to our crew listing!

The Circaholics


Thanatos (Death) – The Final Challenge

For as long as I can remember (and then some) I have lived for performing and its associated parts. I’ve done acting (both stage and film), singing, dancing, script writing, so circus just seemed like the next logical step. And what better way than to combine my passion for performing with my passion of playing with fire to create a fire based circus group! I’m always on the hunt for new things: tricks, equipment, even if it means making it myself. There is no idea too hard, stupid or dangerous that you cant add fire to. When people say “you can’t do that”, I say “Challenge accepted!”

circa 2

Kaidon – The Ultimate Opponent

I’m a self-taught fire twirler from Kellyville. My skills include intermediate to advanced fire twirling, basic poi and basic juggling, as well as various theatrical and gymnastic abilities. I have a very fluid but technical style to my circus skills and that makes me a great teacher in all arts. My basis behind my movements comes from a lifetime of martial arts and so they tend to be quite aggressive, but I have the ability to change the style depending on the music/surroundings etc. Available for teaching and performances.

circa 3

Marmalade – Like Jam but Better

I have been in various drama, dance and music groups since the age of 4. I joined the Blue Mountains youth circus Circo Blurto at the age of 13 and have been doing some form of training ever since. I have performed at various places including Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland. My main area of focus within circus is poi, however I do dabble in other areas such as unicycle, hoop, basic acrobatics and acrobalance, diablo and basic juggling.

circa 5

Ignacia – Discovered By Accident

All through high school I was surrounded by dance, music, drama and any type of performing either by choice or request. I am self-taught in fire and LED poi, basic staff twirling and juggling. I only started twirling in mid 2010 and Circaholics is my first circus troupe. I have performed in the Sydney Fringe Festival for 2011 and So You Think You Can Busk hosted by The Sydney Fringe Festival 2011. I hope to continue performing for many years to come. I also am very patient so I have no problem teaching others what I discovered by accident.

circa 6

Jebus – Doing Not Thinking

I have been performing since mid 2010 and have been loving it ever since, performing in the “Sydney Fringe Festival 2011″ and “So you think you can busk 2011″. I have been taught by our own Calvin and Josh whilst also myself teaching them a thing or two. Always searching for new tricks and ways to show off. Having staff, juggling and basic poi and acrobatic experience I tend to pick up almost anything rather quickly or so my mates call it “hacking life itself”. I’m an adrenaline junky who loves playing with fire and having fun. Couldn’t ask for a better experience.

circa 8

Allegra – Short and Sweet

I’ve been involved in various drama and dance troupes since I was three years old, which has given me a natural rhythm and love for movement. For several years I have been competing and training in as well as teaching and coaching others in martial arts. I have only recently taken up twirling, but it feels very natural to me. I have been taught by our own Janae and Mairead as well as picking up some tricks completely by accident. My specialty is poi twirling (fire and LED), but my skills also include basic staff tricks, dance, martial arts and being cute! Circaholics is my first circus troupe and so far I’m loving it!


Circaholics Anonymous are available for parties, birthdays, weddings, corporate functions, social gatherings and all other events in between that can use some hot entertainment.

Expect a show of breathtaking agility, daring stunts including sword fighting, whip cracking, martial arts, pyrotechnics and more, and of course copious amounts of fire.

Each performance is tailored using the specifics requested as well as the constant new additions made by the Circaholics to the fire arsenal, ensuring that even if you have seen several performances you will always see something new. Performers can also dress to match the particular theme of your event upon request.

The Circaholics also have a selection of LED equipment for those performances/locations that just can’t do fire, so no matter the event, no matter what obsticle, the Circaholics will always find a way to deliver a kick ars show.

Performance & Lesson Details

Pricing: Prices are charged per performer required.

Duration: Performances are broken into approximately 15 min blocks. Can range from 15min onwards.

Lessons: Lesson details vary depending on requirements (location, skills being taught etc) but are approximately 60min in duration.

For any enquires regarding performances or arranging lessons please contact Calvin on:

Mobile – 0402 671 388

Email –